The Bell Centre has two main rooms for hire, the Zoete Room (seats approx. 60) and the Shaw Room (seats approx. 20).
Present regular bookings include the following :-

• Art and Craft Classes
• Guides
• Youth Club

Please CLICK HERE for the conditions on hiring the Bell Centre.

Fees for hiring are shown below.

The rates shown here are per hour, and there are minimum periods of hire - please CLICK HERE for full details.

Tel. No: 01245 472937 Fax: 01245 477890 E-Mail us

                                            Parishioners            Non-Parishioners
Zoete Room                  6.50                           13.00
Shaw Room                  3.20                           6.40
Kitchen                         2.40                           4.80

All the above rates are subject to a residential qualification of not less than 50% in the case of clubs and other associations. Total membership and numbers of members who are parishioners to be stated on the Application Form.