Great Baddow Parish Council


  Your Councillors

Great Baddow Parish Council has 13 councillors representing Great Baddow.

Cllr Mrs Jannetta Sosin
Chairman of Council

Cllr Mrs Christine Shaw
Vice Chairman of Council, Chairman of Finance & General Purposes Committee and Vice Chairman of Organisation, Methods & Personnel Committee

Cllr Val Chiswell

Chairman of Parish Hall Committee


Cllr Gordon Jarvis

Keith Liley web

Cllr Keith Liley

Chairman of Highways


Cllr Mrs Maureen Miller

Cllr Trevor Miller

Cllr Mrs Diana Ronaldson
 Vice Chairman of Planning Committee and Vice Chairman of Parish Hall and Bell Centre Committees

Cllr Keith Ronaldson
Vice Chairman of Grounds Committee

Cllr Veronica Sadowsky

Cllr Andrew Sosin

Chairman of Planning
   Vice Chairman of Finance & General Purposes Committee ,Vice Chairman of Highways & Amenities Committee

Cllr Sue Young

Chairman of Grounds and Allotments Committees and Chairman of Organisation, Methods and Personnel Committee

Cllr Peter Sadowsky


Parish Council Meetings

The monthly meeting of the Council is held on the third Monday of the month at 7.30pm in Committee Room 1 of the Parish Hall, Maldon Road, Great Baddow. Committee meetings of the Council are also held on Monday evenings. Click here to see a list of meetings for the current year and click here to see the agenda for the next meeting.

Any parishioner is welcome to attend Council meetings and the Council has always encouraged parishioners present to address meetings if they wish. There is time allocated at the beginning of meetings to enable parishioners to address councillors.

Under new laws governing the conduct of elected members in local government that came into effect on 1st July 2012, declaration of interest forms that all councillors have to complete now have to be available to view on the internet. Please click here to go to the page on Chelmsford City Council's website where you can search for forms completed by all City and Parish councillors.

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